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Boyne Hill School Association



The aim of our School Association is to bring our families and the wider community together through a range of different events which will include some that raise funds for the benefit of the children attending our school.

All school parents/carers, staff and governors will automatically be a member of the School Association and we will always welcome support from the members so if you would like to get involved or find out more about what we do, please pop into the school office or drop us an email.

CONGRATULATIONS to Rehana Rafi-Nazir for winning the virtual balloon race. Her balloon went the furthest of the 97 balloon entries from Boyne Hill. It travelled 309km south of St. Petersburg over the Rdeysky state nature reserve and she came 12th overall in the race. Well done to Rehana. She is the winner of the chocolate and toy hamper. 

This fun event raised £225 for the BHSA.

Current Fundraising Events

December 2020 Chocolate Line - won by Walnut Class

Nursery's fabulous new play blocks, part funded by the School Association

At our AGM we were entertained by the fabulous Steve Mitchell performing some of the George Michael Story

Our fabulous wreath making evening in December 2019

The Quiz Night's Winning Team

Our Easter Colouring Competition winners 2019

This is one of our more recent purchases using funds raised and a very generous donation from the Spoore Merry and Rixman Foundation. The Tilt and Touch Tables are being used by our children in the Nursery and Reception classes.