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Assessment information


At Boyne Hill, assessment and progress tracking of each individual child aligns with the content and principles of the national curriculum whilst focusing on teaching and learning. Assessment is an important part of the learning process and provides valuable evidence to guide and improve both teaching and learning. By continually evaluating children’s knowledge, skills and understanding, we are able to establish what they can do and what their next learning steps should be whilst also reviewing their progress. Our assessment information includes on-going formative assessment to end of key stage summative assessment.


At Boyne Hill, we are committed to:

  • a growth mindset and that believing in yourself and always striving to achieve is an important life skill;
  • using assessment for learning in the classroom to raise children’s achievement and their aspirations. We believe that children will improve most if they understand the aim of their learning, how they can best achieve it, what this may look like and what they need to do next;
  • providing children with clear, precise and easily comprehensible feedback in oral and sometimes written forms that will support their learning and provide their next steps;
  • involving children in on-going self-assessment by giving them the opportunity to feedback at the end of a piece of work;
  • tracking the performance of children and using this information to ensure that all children are suitably challenged and supported to reach their full potential;
  • identifying which children may need some additional support;
  • ensuring that all assessment approaches are inclusive of all abilities;
  • giving meaningful feedback to parents and carers about how their child is performing as well as advice and support to enable them to assist their child’s learning;
  • the regular moderation of our assessment information approaches by professionals working within and beyond our school to ensure accurate and consistent judgements.