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Transition to reception

It is rapidly approaching the time where we say farewell to this years nursery class of 2019/20 and start to think about the children moving on to full time school in September. 


For those children who are joining FS2 at Boyne Hill, you will receive a postcard introducing your new class teacher. Look out for introductory videos on the video blog (VRC) too. 


Those children who are leaving Boyne Hill to go on to another school, we wish you all the best! We have spoken to several of your new teachers already and shared how brilliant you all are so they are really looking forward to meeting you in September. 


This page will have a variety of information and activities that you can use to help support and prepare your child for the move to FS2. 

Below is a toolkit of creative learning ideas that are easy to resource, incorporate all of the seven areas of the EYFS Curriculum and each with key focus on transition.



Read, read, read!

Read anything and everything! Real books, with pictures, rhyme and enjoyable stories are crucial. Try to encourage your child to talk about the pictures, or to make predictions about what will happen next. Also, reading stories about transition based on other children starting ‘big school’ provides a great basis for talking about the associated feelings that may occur when there is a similar change in their own lives. Encourage your child to recognise and read print when you are out shopping, on the bus or at the park. Most children can recognise the ‘Golden M’ a mile away!


All about me chatterboxes                                                                                 

Take an old shoe box and decorate it in your child’s favourite choice of paper, stickers and pictures. Collect key items over the summer that all have a special meaning to your child. E.g. Leaflets from family outings, favourite toys, family photographs, drawings, shells from beach trips or conkers from nature walks. This enables children to talk confidently about their favourite things and why they are important to them.


Letters and Sounds

Talk to your child about individual letters (especially the letters in their name) and their sounds. Singing songs and nursery rhymes really helps them to find out more about letters and sounds before transitioning from nursery to reception. Play I-spy when you go out (using the sound the letter makes, rather than its name). 


Numbers, numbers all around!

For maths, there are all sorts of ways to encourage number recognition. Involve your child in using numbers at home by singing number rhymes and songs or by encouraging them to recognise and read numbers when you are in the car, on the bus or walking down the street. Calendars are a great way to introduce numbers in a meaningful way. See if they can find their birthday, or count down the days until the first day of school! When shopping, ask them to select the number of apples or bananas you need – they’re helping you out and learning at the same time.


Developing Independence

And finally, don’t forget to focus on small tasks that will make a big difference to your child transitioning from nursery to reception. E.g. Getting dressed/undressed without help, putting on their own shoes and going to the toilet and washing their hands. Buttons on shirts, zips on coats and buckles on shoes are particularly useful when it comes to PE lessons or getting ready to go outside! Encouraging your child to ‘have a go’ first and then to ask for help from an adult will encourage crucial independence skills during their first few weeks at school.


Below are some stories about starting school. 

There are also some on the video pages read by Mrs Paterson.

"I Am Absolutely Too Small for School" by Lauren Child | Read Along with WILF Books

Please supervise your child whilst watching videos on Youtube

FIRST DAY BY Andrew Daddo & illustrated By Jonathan Bentley

Please supervise your child whilst watching videos on Youtube

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976 Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976, allowance is made for "...

The Colour Monster goes to school

Please supervise your child whilst watching videos on Youtube