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Last few days.

Covid 19 and young children


Jack and the Beanstalk quiz

Fire safety presentation

Being healthy.

Dinosaurs 2

Dinosaurs! ROAR!

We are now looking at Dinosaurs for the next 2 weeks.  I have added 2 'Twinkl' presentations which are a good place to start.  One of them has a game to play at the end  you won't be able to play it as I have had to convert it to a pdf, but it will still give you  lots of information.  Have fun!

Literacy and maths 4 May 2020

Space 2

Phase 3 phonics part 1

Phase 2 phonics activities.

Here are the phase 2 sounds we use in our letters and sounds programme. Work through the full circle games and working on remembering the 'tricky words'.  Have fun writing the words too.

Activities from 30 March 2020

Here are some activities to keep you busy whilst we are all doing our learning from home.

Dice Fitness

Here are a few ideas that you can all have a go at over the next few days.  You could draw a picture of what you would bring to the picnic.

Term 4 Maths Challenges

Below is a link to a fantastic website used by EYFS teachers. A home learning section has been added and teachers across the U.K have submitted ideas for children aged 3-5 years old to be trying out at home. We will be choosing one each day to set as a challenge but feel free to have a go at as many as you would like!