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Early Phonics & Early Reading

In our nursery at Boyne Hill, we focus on preparing our pupils for the early stages of learning to read. We use a range of activities including those suggested in Letters and Sounds Phase 1 which you can view below.


Careful listening, sound discrimination and oracy skills (speaking) are key to success in future reading development so these are the areas we concentrate on first. Our language rich environment where we talk, explain, share stories and talk about stories, sing rhymes and songs with repeated refrains helps to develop each child's vocabulary.


Our teaching strategies encourage active engagement and the children are motivated by the praise they receive from teachers and teaching assistants. Teachers know the purpose of every activity and their enthusiasm enables pupils to make progress so that they are more ready to move to the next stage of learning to read when they enter Foundation Stage 2.


We cannot stress enough how important talk and stories are in developing children's vocabulary and language, whether these stories are read at home in English or your child's home language. Below are the Top Ten Tips to help you, as parents, when reading stories to your child.


In nursery, we select 10 books per term and these are read and re-read to the children as this enables them to fully engage with the story, predict the language and even join in with any repeated words or phrases, then retelling it in their own words.